Alwero - The Wool Factory

ALWERO - The wool factory. Alwero is not a large retail chain. They are people who live close to nature. ALWERO means respect for nature, people and traditions. They are proud of their team. It is thanks to their knowledge, skills and dedication that ALWERO products are more than textiles: they are woolen crafts. ” The family business originated in the late 90s from the need to create something.

In the middle of nature, in the south of Poland, where sheep graze in the mountains, ALWERO finds the unique raw material that it's all about: raw wool. Over the years, the family has gained wealth experience in making woolen clothing and accessories. By combining old traditions and technical innovation, ALWERO creates a world of comfort. Knowledge, craftsmanship and a love for wool have ensured that ALWERO products are appreciated worldwide.

Alwero has been specializing in teddy woolen clothing and accessories to keep you warm. The advantage of teddy plush is that it feels fluffy and bulky, more than normal knitted woolen clothing. Teddy plush feels like fur, but it is NOT because the bottom is knitted fabric and not skin. Another advantage of teddy plush wool is that it sheds less than knitted wool. Alwero only buys its wool from humanitarian sources. The brand has full supplier declarations and ensures that all products are made from "mulesing-free" wool.