About Us

Thank you for visiting our store! I'm Zoe, a mum of 2 young children, with strong desire to keep the majority of the food prepare for my children off the floor have led me to designing the collection of Littlebaabaa bibs. Sharing the deep passion to reduce the use of plastic whilst raising a child is another of my commitment.

The inspiration was derived from the birth of my daughter, Sophia, back in May 2016, I discovered a whole new world - a world of children's clothing, toys and room decor. I was totally inspired by the simplicity and aesthetics of nature, Montessori and Waldorf education.

The idea of having my online boutique store started during my maternity after my 2nd child. Our mission is to create and stock unique, quality and eco-friendly products for the little ones, about connecting children with natural materials, helping them discover their creativity and let them be in charge of it.  

Little Baa Baa is a baby & toddler concept store with an emphasis on ethical and sustainable production, we are dedicated to sourcing design-led but affordable products for children, whilst also helping to protect the world they will one day inherit. 

Please dive in and take a look what we have to offer. 

LittleBaaBaa x