Products Safety Instructions

Pacifier Clips Cleaning Instructions:

Do not put in the dishwasher. Please gently clean with a damp cloth and never use harsh acidic cleaning products.


Before each use check carefully. 
If damaged, please discard immediately. 

Please stop use it at the first sign of damage or weakness.
Never lengthen the soother holder. 
Never attach to cords, ribbons, laces or loose parts of clothing as there is a risk of strangulation. 
Do not use this item whilst in a cot, bed or crib. 
A dummy clip is not a toy or a teething accessory, it is also recommended that your child does not chew on any parts of this product. 
Whilst not in use, please store safely out of reach of children. 
Pacifier holder/ dummy clips should only be attached to a garment.

Adult supervision is required when using our products and we disclaim for any liability caused by improper use or the failure to correctly supervise your child using these products.